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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Arthur Kapp

 If you don't know Arthur Kapp and you attend Purchase, you are missin out! Originally from Manhattan, Kapp is a junior New Media major, whose passions range from drumming in his band last good tooth, directing, as well as being in front of the camera. His sketch comedy show "You're Naked" featured on PTV is in its 4th season. It airs every Tuesday night at 11:00pm and highlights several other purchase students from varying majors. So what are you doing tonight? I'll tell you. You are going to enjoy a fatteh while watching "You're Naked" tonight with your crew. If you still don't catch my drift, heres a couple skits from previous episodes...enjoy!

Classroom Antics
Featuring: Arthur Kapp, Andrea Marmolino, Burton May, Burke Williams, and Dan Hartigan

Basil Plant
Featuring: Arhtur Kapp and Burke Williams

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  1. hahaha I thought classroom antics was hilarious! the ending was weird but it was funny.