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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Katrina Rae Cunningham

Katrina Cunningham is one of the most diversely talented students I have met on this campus. She has an ignited passion for the arts and amazes me with her constant desire to learn more and more about herself and surroundings. Expression and creativity are constantly pouring out of her, there is never a dull moment when around this shining talent.

Dance has been her passion since she was three years old and is now a Dance Conservatory student at Purchase with a focus in Modern. Katrina is acknowledged as an adopted dancer, being awarded a large scholarship from Shirley Durst.

“My relationship to dance has been very intimate, and abusive in some ways,” she says, “but at this point, the love has translated itself simply… I like to move and make moves.”

She is developing as a choreographer and will be sharing her work, “Burdon/Burgeon,” and her dancing on the 25th and 26th of February in the Dance Theater Lab at Purchase College. Amongst her many other passions, she describes herself as a spoken-word artist, emcee, and singer/song writer. She can be found on, under the single, “I See You,” as well as the debut of her first EP, Quickly Spoken Songs, in collaboration with the musical majesty of Still Weavins. She is also a photographer with a focus in portraiture and dance photography. Ultimately, she is interested in building a world with her work where the right brain is allowed to chew on the left and the Love Supreme is law. “Everyone is invited. Bring your dancing shoes.”



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